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The cove of Es Niu de s’Àguila is a unique place on the island, which will make you think you are in another place. It is a very beautiful beach where you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate during the day, but it becomes a privileged place for landscape photography during the hours of less light.

It has four reefs in the sea that will be a delight if you like minimalist photography, and also has another area more suitable for lovers of wide-angle landscape photography. It is a location that can be enjoyed both at sunrise and sunset, and even at night.

In winter we can capture the sun rising over the horizon during the early hours of the day and we can also go at sunset to obtain softer images with more controlled light. In summer we can enjoy the milky way due to the orientation of the cove, which points to the south. In addition, it is an area with hardly any light pollution on the horizon, making it an ideal place to capture the night sky.


In this case, the route is very short and does not require a high level of physical fitness, so you can bring all the photographic equipment you consider necessary.

Regarding the technical level, it should be noted that part of the path is covered by rocky terrain, so if we are carrying a lot of weight, we must pay attention to where we step.

We recommend carrying a backpack in which you can hang and adjust the tripod well to have both hands free in case this is necessary. If you do not have one, we will help you transport it.