forat gros

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Welcome to Forat Gros! Embark on an adventure through this captivating hiking route in Ibiza, unveiling one of Pitiusa’s hidden gems, often overlooked except by those who traverse the sea.

Our journey begins amidst the lush embrace of the Mediterranean forest, gradually descending towards the coastline. En route, we encounter a secluded cove, its crystalline waters beckoning for a refreshing dip. The final stretch unveils the awe-inspiring marvel known as the “Forat Gros.”

Carved by relentless erosion, this colossal chasm punctuates the coastline, occasionally transforming into temporary pools during storms. As we traverse, we encounter other formations, each boasting its own unique allure, though perhaps not as grandiose as the main attraction of this hike. Pack your hiking shoes and come to Ibiza to enjoy this adventure!


Overall, this route does not require a great physical level, since it is short and does not have much incline. The path is safe for the vast majority of the route, but good footwear is required as there are places where you can slip and you pass close to the cliff. Also, having previous hiking experience is recommended, since the path has some technical parts that can be done easily but can be dangerous if the trails are wet. The last part is where it gets tricky and can be really dangerous if you’re not used to do short-easy climbs and you have fear of heights.

  • Technical level – Difficult (According to the last part)
  • Physical level – Medium